We are a health charity generating evidence to support policy change.

We do this by:

  • Undertaking policy research
  • Modelling the potential impacts of policies on disease burdens and costs
  • Producing reports and coordinating advocacy


We undertake policy research and analysis across a range of public health topics. Our primary focus is on population-level policies and interventions to reduce the burden of avoidable, non-communicable disease.


We have developed a sophisticated microhealth simulation model to predict the impact of policies or interventions on disease burdens and costs. Our model can be applied to any population of interest at a national or sub-national level.

Latest News

International Case Studies – Wider Determinants of Health

The UKHF has published a set of case studies that exemplify where there has been consideration of population health in wider policy development, and identifies the opportunities and approaches which could be applicable in the UK. Using a systems approach, these case...

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